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ThrustPC is based in Sydney, Australia and was founded in January 2009 to provide customers with extremely reliable, high-performance computers, custom tailored to their specific needs. We are pleased to offer our customers the best computers on the market, built to the strictest of standards with the highest quality components.

We have experience with case modding, water cooling, rack-mount and tower servers and every kind of desktop you can imagine. No request is too unusual, difficult or out of the question! We're here to provide you with your perfect machine.

Our chief system engineer, Miles Tulett, has previously worked at Allianz Australia as a server build manager and deployer, and designed, implemented and maintained their current production VMWare installation. Miles was also on Good Game, an ABC2 television show, as hardware consultant and reviewer, as well as building a high performance water cooled system week-by-week.


We love to deal with interesting and unusual requests!